Our lab has been selected as SW Star Lab.

Published May 01, 2018

The Korean Ministry of Science and ICT and IITP selected our lab as a SW Star Lab of intelligent software on April 20, 2018. The selected lab will receive project funding of up to 300 million won per year for up to eight years and is encouraged to develop a world-class research agenda through open software.

Our lab will work on the development of software for automatically predicting the credibility distribution of given documents and dialogues, consisting of five modules: data collection, automatic collection of evidence, credibility enhancement, credibility distribution prediction, and linguistic analysis.

This year, a total of five laboratories have been selected in four universities: Seoul National University, POSTECH, Chung Ang University, and KAIST. There are two laboratories in the field of intelligent software including our lab.

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Meeting with Soo Hyun Ryu (Aug. 7, 2020) Meeting with Cholé Paris (Aug. 30, 2019) Farewell party with Cholé Paris  (Aug. 30, 2019)

Recent Publications

The lastest three papers accepted or published

  • Soyeong Jeong, Jinheon Baek, ChaeHun Park, and Jong C. Park: "Unsupervised Document Expansion for Information Retrieval with Stochastic Text Generation" (SDP 2021@NAACL-HLT 2021)
  • ChaeHun Park, Eugene Jang, Wonsuk Yang, and Jong C. Park: "Generating Negative Samples by Manipulating Golden Responses for Unsupervised Learning of a Response Evaluation Model" (NAACL-HLT 2021)
  • Soyeong Jeong, Wonsuk Yang, ChaeHun Park, and Jong C. Park: "Calibration of Pre-trained Language Model for Korean" (Journal of KIISE)

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