OncoSearch on the KAISTAR Webzine - one of the top 10 research results of KAIST in 2014

Published December 29, 2014

Our system OncoSearch was introduced as one of the top 10 research results of KAIST this year in the 2014 December issue of the KAISTAR webzine. (link: http://kaistar.e-eyagi.com/sub02/articles/view/tableid/board9/id/4750)

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The 12th Korea-Singapore Joint Workshop, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea (Sept. 22-23, 2016) Interspeech 2016, California, USA (Sept. 8-12, 2016) ECCB 2016, Hague, Netherlands (Sept. 4-7, 2016)

Recent Publications

The lastest three papers accepted or published

  • Jin-Woo Chung, Wonsuk Yang, Jinseon You, and Jong C. Park: "Inferring non-stated event locations from context using distributional similarities" (IJCAI 2017)
  • Wonsuk Yang, Hancheol Park, and Jong C. Park: "Neural Theorem Prover with Word Embedding for Efficient Automatic Annotation" (Journal of KIISE)
  • Hancheol Park, Jung-Ho Kim, and Jong C. Park: "Addressing low-resource problems in statistical machine translation of manual signals in sign language" (Journal of KIISE)