Method and system of mapping voice to speaking characters for robot storytelling

Jong C. Park, Hye-Jin Min, Sang-Chae Kim, Joon-Yeob Kim, and Jin-Woo Chung
Patent pending, Korea

System and Method for Communication Training Program over Virtual Reality and Continued Feedback via Mobile Device

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Method and system for augmenting the credibility of documents

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Method and apparatus for providing ubiquitous smart parenting and customized education service, and recording medium thereof

Jong C. Park and Ho-Joon Lee
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Assistive robot with emotional speech synthesizing function, method of synthesizing emotional speech for the assistive robot, and recording medium

Jong C. Park and Ho-Joon Lee
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Method and system of synthesizing emotional speech based on personal prosody model and recording medium

Jong C. Park and Ho-Joon Lee
Patent number: 10-1203188, Korea

Sharing system of emotion data and method sharing emotion data

Jong C. Park and Hye-Jin Min
Patent number: 10-1116373, Korea

A method for generating sign language animation through synchronization and word substitution

Jong C. Park, SangYoon Jung, and Eunyoung Chang
Patent number: 1104777, Korea

Automated classification method of sentential types in Korean with morphological analysis and the system using the same

Jong C. Park and Jin-Woo Chung
Patent number: 10-1071948, Korea