Reporting Technical Information

Primary Textbook
Eighth edition published in 2011.

Secondary Textbooks
  BUGs in Writing Bad Grammar

-. This course reviews elements of good technical communication in a step-by-step and interactive manner
-. so that the students will develop their own communication skills through both writing and speech and present their research results with optimal clarity and force,
-. making it possilbe to reach a wider research community and to get recognition from a more discerning readership.
11/26, Lecture 11 slides (pdf, pdf color)    
11/19, Lecture 10 slides (pdf, pdf color)    
11/12, Lecture 9 slides (pdf, pdf color)    
11/08, Sample Proposal (zip)    
11/05, Lecture 8 slides (pdf, pdf color)    
10/29, Lecture 7 slides (pdf)    
10/15, Lecture 6 slides (pdf)    
10/10, Bulletin 46-RC (zip)    
   - Team "Happy Together" has the best bulletin, followed by Team Cubs.    
10/08, Lecture 5 slides (pdf)    
09/24, Lecture 4 slides (pdf)    
09/21, Lecture 3 slides (pdf)    
09/21, Make-up class from 1pm    
09/17, Lecture 2 slides (pdf)    
09/10, Lecture 1 slides (pdf)    
08/31, The first class will be on September 11th (Tue).